The Gift

Gifts are meant to be temporary, yet, we treat them as if they are eternally bound to us. Guard our heart, because what is deserving of our endless thoughts and our expectations is the only One who isn’t temporary: the Gift-Giver.

To the Convert’s Friend

This is to you, the Convert’s Friend. The one who is patiently enduring, never forcing. Always waiting, knowing that Allah will guide her in time. She passed rumours, thinking she did right; not knowing it was forbidden to backbite. She was cynical of others, not knowing that as a Muslim, she was always supposed to…

To the Hesitant Soul

Dear Hesitant Soul, You wondered if you’d be able to follow all the rules. You didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite; and you worried about your family and friends and what they would think. So you held back; you hesitated. This is for you; you’re not alone.

What Would Adab Do?

The humblest of all seekers of knowledge, the one who neither criticises nor belittles. The one who knows her place as a lifelong student, even if she’s a teacher.
The one who always begins her questions with, “I would like to seek your opinion on this matter”, instead of “I disagree with you on what you’ve uttered.”

I’m a Muslim, I do Jihad

“France is target of choice for ‘jihadists'”? No, the WHOLE of humanity in need of ‘jihadists’.

The Dilemma of Da’wah

Da’wah- It means to invite to Islam, not to drag someone to the mosque and stuff your ideologies down their throat.

The Parent Problem

 It’s been two years. I didn’t think that I could step into the house without tearing off my hijab in the elevator or at the staircase landing beforehand, but I can now. I didn’t think that my mum would bring me out for breakfast in public, me in hijab and all, but she does now….

7 Hijab Trends of a Muslimah Convert

Hijabi fashionistas are becoming really popular in the world nowadays, with different styles and trends of hijab due to differences in taste, culture, and such. We converts have our own little world of trends, creatively developed to adapt ourselves to the transiting phases of becoming a full time hijabi.

How to find Halal food in Japan

When travelling to a foreign country, trying out the local cuisine is always a must! After trodding around in Japanese soil for close to 4 months now, I can concur that it is possible to find halal options. Especially after the country has recently taken steps to become more muslim-friendly (oh how lucky we are!)…

In Hijab for Good

It has been slightly more than a month since I made the promise to Allah (s.w.t) that I’d put on my hijab for good from this Ramadan onwards. I started slightly earlier before Ramadan itself, on 11th May, right after I had arrived at Haneda Airport in Japan. Truth was that I was afraid. Of…