The Quran (Chinese)


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 As part of our da'wah and outreach efforts, we are distributing this mini Chinese translated Quran for FREE* to new Muslims or non-Muslims (shipping charges apply). If you are a new Muslim/non-Muslim, please send a message to us via the 'Message Us' button below and we will assist you in getting your free copy. :)

  • Pocket handy, with no Arabic text.
  • A good read while you travel
  • Fast reference to the meaning of any surah
 If you know of anyone who needs a copy, do share the word!  Alternatively, you may choose to sponsor a Quran and make a small donation of SGD$5 for us to keep this cause going, insha'Allah!

*Limited to one free copy per new Muslim. Please understand that this Quran is meant for da'wah purposes. If you are a Muslim, you may purchase it at $5 per copy. Thank you for your understanding!

《古兰经》的主题是,消除蒙昧、接近安拉、和平与参悟。在《古兰经》中使用了这几个术语来表达:他瓦苏姆 (tawassum), 塔达巴尔 (tadabbur) 和塔法库尔 (tafakkur)。这几个词隐含着:获得真知需要借助对安拉在今世各个方面的迹象进行反思、思考和沉思冥想。这本《古兰经》译本和注释就是围绕这几个主题的。
Author / Translator: Ma Jian
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 13.5 x 11 x 2cm

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