9 Misconceptions of a Chinese Muslimah Convert in Singapore

1. We automatically changed our race when we became Muslim. “So you can speak Malay too?” “OMG, you can speak Chinese???” “I don’t get it… so you’re half-Malay and half-Chinese?” “Are you going to change your name to Siti bte…?” I’m Chinese, my parents are Chinese, my grandparents are Chinese, and my great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents are…

In times of difficulty

I came across this post a few weeks ago. It tears my heartstrings every time I go back to reread it over and over, such is the strength of this woman! And I cannot help but feel that the difficulties that I face at this point can never- I emphasize, never- amount to the pain…

A Blessed Eid, Nonetheless

This Eid, there is still a cause to celebrate. Because with terror and evil, goodness and hope is not only just present, it becomes stronger. And as the lines of humanity in the world become more and more blurred, I’d just remember to look to the normal civilians, the kids, the everyday-people. The ones who smile despite all the hardship. They are the ones who are displaying the purest examples of love, peace and unwavering faith.

The Irony on my Newsfeed

On my newsfeed today was 2 startlingly contrasting headlines. The first was about the World Cup, posted by the majority. Second was about the mass bombings by Israeli forces on Palestinian innocent civilians, posted by the few of my Muslim friends. Having never been one to look at depressing news, the past me would have…

A Revert, Abandoned

I entered Islam on the basis of questioning within an unquestionable and most certain foundation. Like a toddler taking her first steps, exploring the world through taking in everything she can find, I read everything I chance across, and I question when I can’t seem to grasp something. The current path is like this: I…

My Struggle to be Hijab-less

The beautiful thing about being a woman in a hijab is that people know you are Muslim. I love wearing the hijab. But I can’t seem to muster enough courage to do so.

Adapting to a New, Muslim Life

I have been trying to adapt to my new lifestyle in terms of food, prayers and clothing. These small things can help me grow to work on my personal willpower for bigger things, which I know can be weak.

Alone in this Journey

It is hard sometimes, when you feel like you’re alone in this whole struggle to find God. Yes, God is with me, but it’d be nice to have someone here too.